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Erosion Control & Drainage

Indy Enviroworks provides a variety of Erosion and Drainage Control Services.

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To learn what erosion & drainage control services we provide, please choose from the options below for more information.


Rip Rap Installation

When slope grading and the use of native plants can’t prevent soil erosion another option available to home and business owners is the use of rip rap. Rip rap essentially involves the use of rocks, stones, or boulders and a heavy-duty underlayment to prevent soil erosion. Rip rap is typically used on shorelines, but it can be used anywhere water erosion is a problem.

Rip rap can be used to:
  • Prevent soil erosion on a steep hillside.
  • Prevent soil erosion around discharge pipes.
  • Replace a wooden or steel seawall with a natural material.
  • Prevent shoreline soil erosion on the banks of rivers, creeks, lakes, or ponds.
The benefits of using rip rap include:
  • Rip rap creates and maintains wildlife habitat.
  • Reduces sediment buildup in creeks and rivers.
  • Blends naturally into the surrounding landscape.
  • Rip rap can be used by native plants, insects, and mammals.
  • Stops land and soil loss due to soil or shoreline erosion.
  • Rip rap can be incorporated and obscured by new landscape plantings.
  • A more aesthetic appeal versus wood, steel, or concrete seawalls.
  • Rip rap does not obstruct the movement of people or animals into or out of the water.

Riprap installation

Shoreline Riprap

Retaining WallsRetaining Wall Terminology

Retaining walls are vertical structures designed to hold back sloped areas of your landscape. Although they may look simple, retaining walls must be constructed to hold back the pressure of thousands of pounds of soil and water. Most homeowner constructed retaining walls bulge, crack, and fail too soon because they are not built to withstand the existing soil pressure or no accommodation has been made for water drainage.

We can build a retaining wall to:
  • Provide terraces for gardening or landscape plantings.
  • Support a building foundation near a slope.
  • Increase useable yard space in your landscape.
  • Replace or repair an existing retaining wall.
  • Create a distinctive landscape feature.
  • Act as a soil support system for a patio or driveway.
  • Allow for a more sudden grade change than can be accomplished with soil grading.
Retaining walls can take on many forms and incorporate various materials, such as:
  • Timber retaining walls
  • Stacked stone retaining walls
  • Brick retaining walls
  • Poured concrete retaining walls
  • Sandstone retaining walls
  • Stone or boulder retaining walls
Once constructed, a properly built retaining wall should last for decades. Before taking on such a formidable and complex project on your own consider calling the experts at Indy Enviroworks.

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retaining wall carmel indiana
hamilton county indiana retaining wall
retaining wall indiana marion county indiana reataing wall carmel indiana reataining wall install

Retaining Wall installation by Indy Enviroworks, Carmel Indiana

Silt Fence Installationsilt fence indianapolis

Silt Fences are installed as a temporary means of reducing sediment movement into lakes, ponds, rivers, creeks, or drainage ditches. Silt fences are installed on construction sites before the actual construction begins. By installing a silt fence on the down-hill side of a construction site any sediment that is washed off the construction site will be trapped by the silt fence.

Our soil erosion control services have typically been called upon to:

  • Install silt fence on commercial building sites
  • Install silt fence before a home addition is started
  • Put up silt fence ahead of a rip rap installation job
  • Install a silt fence before a parking lot expansion is begun
  • Provide silt fence services before a major landscaping project

hamilton county indiana silt fence installation

Culvert Installationhamilton indiana culvert installation

Culverts are used to facilitate water flow from channels, creeks, ditches, and streams. Culvert installation allows a bridge for the movement of people and vehicles from one side of a ditch, stream, or creek to the other. Our erosion control services are available to cost effectively install a new culvert, replace an old culvert, or put in a better culvert for you.

Drain Tile

Drain tile has been used for centuries as a means of managing the water flow on residential, commercial, and agricultural properties. Indy Enviroworks can install drain tile around your home or business to keep water from building up in low area on your property. By strategically burying and connecting 4” diameter filtered pipes in the ground we can channel excess water to low areas or bury a holding tank to contain excess water.

If too much water coming from your drain spouts is damaging your landscape or killing your plants we can help. We can connect your gutter down spouts to below ground drain pipes to channel excess roof water away from your house, driveway, sidewalks, and landscape plants. Once the water is piped away from your house we use perforated pipes to harmlessly disseminate the water into your lawn.

We provide soil erosion and drainage control services to the following cities in the central Indianapolis, IN area:

Hamilton County Indiana                                     Marion County Indiana

  • Arcadia
  • Atlanta
  • Carmel
  • Cicero
  • Clay
  • Delaware
  • Fall Creek
  • Fishers
  • Indianapolis
  • Jackson
  • Noblesville
  • Sheridan
  • Wayne
  • Westfield
  • White River
  • Beech Grove
  • Center
  • Clermont
  • Crows Nest
  • Cumberland
  • Eagle Creek
  • Homecroft
  • Indianapolis
  • Lawrence
  • Meridian Hills
  • North Crows Nest
  • Perry
  • Pike
  • Rocky Ripple
  • Southport
  • Speedway
  • Spring Hill
  • Warren Park
  • Wayne
  • Williams Creek
  • Wynnedale
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