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Other Services

Indy Enviroworks  provides a variety of other services for homeowners and businesses. Select on of our service below to learn more about how we can help.

With professional results and quality workmanship, we can help restore, maintain, or improve the natural beauty of your yard and landscape.

Deck Refinishing

Deck refinishing is a multi step process that usually involves substantial  time and labor.  By preparing the deck wood properly through cleaning, and brightening we can ensure that when the new deck staining is applied it will allow proper stain penetration into the wood.

Indy Enviroworks will restore your old worn deck through a process of cleaning, bleaching, brightening, scrubbing, pH level adjustment and staining.  We do not recommend painting a deck.  For best results we use top quality products and deck stains in our deck refinishing process.


Deck Restoration

Deck restoration is a little different than deck refinishing.  The deck restoration process can involve more work depending on how worn your deck is. The refinishing process is more about cleaning and staining, whereas deck restoration can involve replacing worn deck boards, removing old deck paint or stain, along with aspects of deck refinishing.  Some decks may need structural damage repaired before the deck refinishing process can be started.
Before deciding if you need deck restoration, deck refinishing, or both services, we offer a free deck inspection and a written estimate of deck repair / restoration / refinishing / services involved.

New Deck Construction

In addition to deck restoration and refinishing services, Indy Enviroworks also offers new deck construction for residential and commercial properties in Marion & Hamilton County Indiana.  Our professional deck design service will help make your vision of a new deck a reality.  We will work with you to decide what new deck construction options are available and ensure all new decks we build are built to local code regulations along with pulling of all necessary permits if applicable.
The Americans With Disabilities Act mandates that commercial properties have wheelchair access. We can help you maintain complience with this government mandate by building or maintaining handicap access ramps.

Improve your outdoor living space and increase your home value with new deck construction from Indy Enviroworks.


Brick Paver Patio Installation & Repair

A new brick paver patio can significantly improve the appearance of your backyard and your landscape in general. A brick paver patio installation not only increases the value of your home it also gives you more outdoor living space and provides an area to entertain guests and a relaxing area to spend time with your family.

We install both large and small brick paver patios. Landscapes with slopes are not a problem. We can install a retention wall which can help support an area for a new brick paver patio.

brick paver patio installation hamilton county indianaOur brick paver patio construction workers are shown laying patio bricks on top of compacted sand insuring a proper patio base.
A professionally laid brick paver patio like this, along with new landscape plantings, can help increase the value of your home.

brick paver patio repair marion county indianaIn this picture, you can see how erosion has created problems with the patio pavers.  In this case you would need to rebuild the foundation underneath the patio pavers before you can reset the paver stones.  Both of which Indy Enviroworks can do.

Fire Pit Installation

fire pit installation crows nest indiana
We can enhance the enjoyment of your backyard with a fire pit. Beautifully constructed fire pits are a magnet for family, friends, and guests. Don’t be surprised when your fire pit becomes the main focal point of your outdoor living space. Fire pits provide a natural area for entertaining guests, relaxing, and socializing. When placed where it can be seen from indoors a fire pit can be enjoyed from inside your house, too.

Keep in mind, fire pits don’t need to be round. We can make them L-shaped, square, triangular.

Our landscaping experts will also help you decide:
  • The cost for various styles of fire pits
  • What size and shape fire pit should you have
  • How a fire pit can enhance your existing landscape
  • The best location for your fire pit – considering convenience, safety, and space

Fire pits have been one of the fastest growing landscape design amendments over the last few years. There is nothing like the mesmerizing effect of a fire pit to help you unwind and to provide a unique touch to your next outdoor gathering.

Arbor & Pergola Construction

An arbor or pergola can add charm and direction to your landscape. These garden structures can provide an entrance to your garden and can be augmented with climbing roses, flowering vines, wooden lattice, or fabric to provide a shaded retreat in your landscape.

A garden arbor can be used to:
  • Direct the traffic flow in your landscape
  • Provide a focal point in your landscape
  • Separate various areas of your landscape
  • Screen areas of your landscape for increased privacy
A pergola can be used to:
  • Create your own garden oasis
  • Screen sunlight for a seating area
  • Place seating to enjoy the view of your landscape
  • Provide a covering for a hammock, picnic table, or hot tub
Constructing a custom-built arbor or pergola adds a distinctive touch to your landscape, expands your outdoor living space, and makes it easier for you to enjoy your landscape.

Retention Pond Construction, Maintenance & Repair

retention pond construction indianapolis indiana
Controlling the flow of water around new homes, businesses, or neighborhoods often requires the construction of a retention pond. Retention ponds direct water to a holding area to prevent uncontrolled soil erosion problems. With our experience in grading, rip rap installation, seeding, and landscape planting, we can help you with retention pond construction from start to finish.

Retention pond maintenance is necessary to keep your retention pond up to code and maintain its water holding capacity. Proper retention pond maintenance can prevent serious water management and soil erosion problems when the next large rain storm washes over Indianapolis. Clean up your retention pond before the next storm comes.

Our retention pond maintenance services include:
  • Removing debris from retention ponds
  • Removing excess silt from retention ponds
  • Cutting down trees around retention ponds
  • Removing excess vegetation from retention ponds

Clogged up pipes, excess trees and vegetation, and structural failures can all cause code violations for retention ponds and reduce the holding capacity of retention ponds. Indy Enviroworks can help when you are in need of any retention pond repairs.
Our retention pond services have been used by:
  • Homeowners
  • Property developers
  • Commercial businesses
  • Property management companies
  • Homeowner Associations (HOA’s)

Light Excavation & Grading

Light excavation and grading services may be needed for a variety of reasons.
Some light excavation services we can provide might include:
  • In ground pool installation
  • Ponds
  • Retention Ponds
  • Garden Ponds
  • Stump Removal
  • Removal of concrete
  • Excavation of dirt for footings
Please feel free to contact us for more information about other excavation services we provide.
In addition to light excavation, Indy Enviroworks will also provide final grading of areas.  Grading services we provide can help with water flow problems in your yard, grading of a recently excavated area to blend with rest of yard, final grade of new construction, and more.  If you are in need of a quality company to provide grading services please contact us for a free estimate.

Reseeding & Over Seeding

lawn and grass seeding hamilton county indiana

Whether you have a yard that is sparse with grass or you need new grass seed planted, we can help.
The over seeding process will help with areas in your lawn or grass that are patchy, spotty, or sparse.  Through the over seeding process, we can ensure your yard will look lush and green.

If you have recently had excavation work or grading work done, we can re-seed the area.  Reseeding involves the process of laying new grass seed on bare dirt, whereas the process of over seeding adds grass seed to thicken up existing lawn areas.

In Ground Pool Removal & Back Filling

Do you have an in ground pool that is not being used and becoming an eyesore? Let Indy Enviroworks remove that old in ground pool, fill in the hole, grade and seed it for you.

In ground pool removal involves the use of machinery to break up the concrete, and trucks to haul away the debris.  Once the pool has been removed from the ground we will back fill the hole it has left behind.

Property Management

  • Commercial Mowing
  • New Landscape Installation
  • Irrigation Installation, Maintenance, Service
  • Snow Plowing
  • Salting

Fill out the form for a Free Quote on one of our services listed above.

We service the following cities in the central Indianapolis, IN area:

Hamilton County Indiana                    Marion County Indiana

  • Arcadia
  • Atlanta
  • Carmel
  • Cicero
  • Clay
  • Delaware
  • Fall Creek
  • Fishers
  • Indianapolis
  • Jackson
  • Noblesville
  • Sheridan
  • Wayne
  • Westfield
  • White River
  • Beech Grove
  • Center
  • Clermont
  • Crows Nest
  • Cumberland
  • Eagle Creek
  • Homecroft
  • Indianapolis
  • Lawrence
  • Meridian Hills
  • North Crows Nest
  • Perry
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  • Rocky Ripple
  • Southport
  • Speedway
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  • Warren Park
  • Wayne
  • Williams Creek
  • Wynnedale

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